Wineries, Breweries And Distilleries -- The New Go-To Sites For Gatherings


Forget dinners, going to the movies or hanging out at the bar. Those are so old school. So what's cool? A girls' weekend visiting wineries via limousine; a day biking with friends from brewery to brewery; or a fun afternoon tasting samples at different distilleries with your old college buddies. These venues -- many of which offer music and food in addition to alcohol -- have become the go-to destinations for celebrations and gatherings. So if you have an upcoming gathering and need a site, you might want to consider hosting it at a brewery, winery or distillery. 

First and Most Important Is...

Transportation. If you are visiting a brewery, distillery or winery, it's a safe bet that you and your friends will be drinking. No matter what you call it -- testing, sipping, sampling -- it's still drinking. And unless you have a friend willing to abstain from drinking or who is a teetotaler, you should arrange for transportation to get you to, from and between these sites and your home. This is especially important if you will be hitting a number of different venues. Drunk driving is a serious crime. 

A fun way to solve this problem is to hire a limousine (you can do this by visiting a site like, which can also add a little cachet to your event. To find the right ride for your gathering, you will need to know the following and then obtain quotes from several different limo services:

  • Number of hours you believe you will need a limo. There is typically a two to four hour minimum rental on limousines.
  • The number of venues and the distance between them that you will be visiting. This applies if you will be visiting several wineries or breweries. 
  • Pickup point. Will the limo pick everyone up individually from their homes, or will they pick up the group from one location? Some companies charge a per-stop fee, so it's important to consider this when pricing a ride. 
  • Remember to factor in the tip in your budget. Tips for your driver are not included in your charge and are generally expected. 

The Different Venues


As of January 1, 2014, there were 8,391 wineries in North America, which was an increase of 4.3 percent over the previous year. Most wineries boast lovely rustic venues with views of beautiful grapevines that are perfect for a girls' get-together. Some also offer dining or at least cheese plates to accompany their vintages. In addition, many wineries can also be rented out for large events, such as weddings or corporate functions. 


In 1994, there were about 601 breweries in the United States. As of 2014, there were almost 2,000. Breweries offer relaxed settings that are perfect for a reunion with old high school or college buddies. And if you have several breweries in the area, consider setting up a tour for your group so that they can enjoy the handiwork of different brewmeisters. Although many breweries offer food onsite, you may also want to arrange for a gourmet food truck to meet you at one of the stops if the sites you will be visiting don't offer dining. But be sure to check with the brewery first to ensure that they will be okay with this arrangement. 

The New Kid on the Block: Distilleries

Although distilleries are surging in popularity, this industry is still in its infancy. According to Forbes, ten years ago, there were only 50 craft distilleries in the U.S. Today, that number has swelled to more than 750. The two favorite spirits for distilling are whiskey and gin. Kentucky is especially known for its Bourbon Trail, which includes more than 20 distilleries. Visiting distilleries and seeing how their magic potions are made can be a fun way to kill an afternoon with visiting in-laws or other out-of-town guests. 

Finally, remember to have fun but always be safe when visiting these drinking establishments.


8 September 2015

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