Learn How To Hire A Limo Service To Transport A High-Profile Client From The Airport


When you have a high-profile client coming to a meeting with your company, you want to be sure that they are treated with dignity and respect at all times. Hiring an airport limo service like A&A Limousine & Bus Services ensures that they do not have to have wait for taxi upon arrival and are able to get where they need to go in a timely manner. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about planning the pickup of a high-profile client from an airport by a limo service.

The Limo Service Needs to Know the Time of the Arrival

The limo service needs to know what time the person is scheduled to land and on what airline. This will allow the driver to know what time to get to the airport and what flight to look for at the terminal. You want to be sure that the driver is at the right gate when your client arrives, so that they do not feel like there is no one there to get them.

The Limo Service Needs to Know How Formal Their Driver Should Be Dressed

You need to specify how the driver of the limo needs to be dressed when picking up your client. There are some companies who want the driver to be dressed in a tuxedo when picking up a client, while other companies are more casual and okay with the driver simply wearing a suit to pick up the person.

The Limo Service Needs to Know Who They Are Picking Up

The driver needs to know exactly who they are picking up at the airport. The limo service will create a custom sign for the driver to hold. This creates a professional look and lets the client know that you took the time to book the limo in advance in preparation of their arrival.

The Limo Service Needs to Know If Any Special Accommodations Need to Be Made

The limo company will need to know if there are any special accommodations that need to be made for your client. If you would like there to be wine, champagne, snacks, or simply waters in the limo, the driver will need to know. This will ensure that the limo is properly stocked for the specific needs of your client.

Once the limo service knows all of this information, you can rest assured that your client will be picked up in a timely, professional fashion. When it is time for the person to be taken back to the airport, the limo service can accommodate those needs, as well.


18 January 2017

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