Jet Off And Pop The Big Question: 3 Romantic Islands To Fly To For Your Proposal


If you've been searching for an idea about how and where to propose to your girlfriend, and you want something that is both romantic, a vacation, and also will be incredibly memorable, then you should consider chartering a private plane and taking a trip to a island. You can fly her down on a private jet, something that is certainly a once in a lifetime experience for most people, and stay at a super exclusive, all-inclusive resort. But which island? Well, here are a few choices.

Ionian Islands

If your girlfriend loves ancient Greek culture (maybe she's a teacher, or a artist, or a history buff) and also loves gorgeous sandy beaches and water, then the Ionian islands are the perfect spot. They are a series of small islands in Greece. You can sunbathe, eat authentic Greek cuisine, and swim in the clear blue ocean. Taking a private chartered jet is perfect because you can avoid the huge lines and travel time that most people have to endure when they travel to the Ionian Islands. For commercial airlines, you would have to fly into Corfu or Zanate and then take a bus, but with a private jet you can choose to land at one of the smaller airports in Zakynthos or Cephalonia and bypass the crowds.


One of the most romantic places on earth is French Polynesia, and Mo'oera is one of the nicest islands to visit. Everything about the island is perfect for a proposal. The beaches are pristine and sparkling white, the water is clear and warm, there are volcanos and lush mountains in the background, and it's not overcrowded. You can take your private plane and land in one of the private air strips, and completely avoid the large commercial jet hustle that can kill a romantic weekend. Then you can get a private car to take you to your boutique beachfront hotel or, if you want to go all out, one of those beach hut style over-water bungalows.


While Greece and French Polynesian are nice, you might want something a bit closer to home. In that case, take a look at Anguilla. This is one of the most laid back, and romantic of all of the Caribbean islands. If you're leaving from the east coast, it's a super fast trip, which makes it perfect if you only have a weekend to take your mini-vacation.

Anguilla is another stunning island with beautiful beaches, romantic little boutique hotels, and very cool nightlife. The island also has private airstrips and accommodation for your private chartered plane, so you don't have to deal with the crazy crowds that you sometimes find when visiting the Caribbean. At night you can get a private dining setup on the beach, which would be perfect for your proposal.

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26 April 2017

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