Planning A Bachelorette Party? 3 Limousine Games To Keep The Fun Going All Night Long


You've picked out the hottest venues in your favorite bride's location, and you have even ordered those silly straws that will have all your guests giggling. However, one of the most common problems party planners make is failing to keep the party vibe going as everyone travels between the different venues. Since the last thing you need is for everyone to fall silent in the time it takes to travel from dinner to that trendy club, consider adding these fun games to your limo services that will have everybody excited about the ride.

Guess The Groom's Response

This game requires a little prep work, but the results are hilarious once you get the bride involved. A few days before your party, interview the groom on video about things that he and his bride-to-be should know about their relationship. Mix it up by including both general and potentially risqué questions. Then, ask the bride how she thinks he would answer each questions before playing back the video. Seeing her reaction to some of his answers will have everyone laughing.

Play The Balloon Pop and Dare Challenge

Add a new level of fun to that childhood game of truth or dare by writing down silly actions on pieces of paper before stuffing them into a balloon. Then, bring the bag of balloons on your ride, and encourage each guest to pop theirs. Once they do, have each person read off their dare, and challenge them to accomplish it at some point during your party. Whether they have to kiss a bartender or send a sexy picture from the limo, adding this challenge during your limousine ride gets everyone in a daring mood for the night.

Go On a Limo Scavenger Hunt

People often focus on the beauty of being able to continue drinking when they have limo services. However, having a chauffeured ride also leaves everyone free to take in the sights and sounds of the city. Highlight the awesome things you see on the ride by creating a limo scavenger hunt for your guests to accomplish. From watching for that random roadside sign to getting a wave from that attractive guy in the other lane, everyone will be on high alert for getting involved in the fun.

Planning a bachelorette party puts you in control of making sure that everyone has a good time, and many of the best memories will be made while you are sitting in the back of the limousine. By coming up with a few passenger-friendly activities, you can set the stage for a night full of wild excitement for your friend's last night of freedom before their wedding. If you're looking for a limousine service to use the night of the party, contact a company like Flash Limousine & Bus to learn more about your options.


12 May 2017

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