Make Your Boutique Hotel Stand Out


Boutique hotels naturally have a smaller reach than some of their chain competitors. How do you make a guest step away from a more familiar name and try your charming boutique hotel experience? Here are some ideas:

Develop Your Brand

People choose boutique hotels for specific reasons. They don't like the impersonal feel of larger hotel chains, and they don't want a hostel, either. Find out who your customer is and how your hotel's personality will speak to them. A bit of quirk is often welcome for these smaller hotels that are a breath of fresh air for seasoned travelers. 

Provide the Perks

Provide those perks that may be overlooked with bulk service. Things like laundry rooms, mini fridges, and free breakfasts that actually include protein are a good start. 

Hire a Business Taxi

No doubt, guests will have questions about how to get from the airport or train station to your hotel. Why not contract with an excellent business taxi company in your area to provide services? You might offer guests the option for a regular taxi or business taxi; another strategy is to simply elect a business taxi as the default for your rides. The impression of your hotel starts as soon as you send a ride to fetch your guests, so upgrading them to a more elegant transportation service will show that you care about their comfort. 

Provide Excellent Customer Service

A lot more of your business will depend on customer service, word of mouth, and the unique impression you leave on people. When potential clients read your hotel's reviews, you want them to be able to point to the connections they made with your personal staff. That puts people's minds at ease that they're going to get great service that's as good as or better than your more well-known competitors. 

Do Creative Marketing

As a brand that's just developing, you have an opportunity to be unique through your use of social media. Hire a good writer and let them get to work on selling your city and your hotel. You have a chance to create unique contests, content types, or photo opportunities for guests and potential new guests to participate in. Rewards for check-ins, contests for best hotel photo, and votes on the best attractions near your hotel are only some of the potentially creative ways to get guests' attention. In many cases, the uniqueness of your hotel counts to your advantage. 


27 July 2017

Discussing Public Transportation Options

Hi, I’m Neville. When I moved into a big city, I was instantly overwhelmed with driving my vehicle. The process of navigating traffic, finding parking and avoiding tickets became too much to bear. Luckily, I was able to quickly learn how to utilize the vast public transportation options in my area. I can quickly move through the town to each destination on my itinerary using this form of transportation. As an added benefit, my stress levels remain at an all-time low throughout the travel process. I would like to use this site to talk about utilizing public transportation around the world. Thanks.