Tips For Car Drivers: How To Drive Safely Around Dump Trucks


As a driver of a regular, non-commercial vehicle, it can be difficult to understand what driving a large commercial dump truck is like. Many drivers are unaware of the perspective of the driver of a dump truck and how certain driving behaviors can be frustrating for them. In addition to dealing with bad weather and crowded roadways, what makes driving a truck even more difficult are drivers who are making critical mistakes. These mistakes made on the part of car drivers can have catastrophic results. The following are some things that all drivers should be aware of when sharing the road with dump truck drivers:

Pay Attention to What is Going On Around You

This seems like an obvious thing that all drivers would already do diligently while driving. However, you may find it surprising just how distracted drivers can be while navigating the roadway. Looking at a cell phone, putting on makeup, not paying attention, or doing any number of activities can result in danger when you share the road with a large dump truck. If you are not paying attention to driving and there is a sudden lane shift, you may risk swerving around a dump truck. The truck driver will not be able to react quickly, so if you swerve into the same lane, you are risking a major accident.

Maintain Consistent Speed

Another issue when driving near dump trucks is speed. It goes for driving too fast or too slow. You need to maintain the same speed unless you are exiting the roadway, in which case you should signal properly. Constantly slowing down and speeding up can be problematic, as trucks do not brake as quickly as regular vehicles.

 Know Where Blind Spots Are

While you should know your blind spots while driving your vehicle, you should also be aware of those of dump trucks as well. As a general rule, you should be able to see the dump trucks side mirrors when you are following. If you cannot, chances are the driver cannot see you.

Do Not Follow Too Closely

This is a major pet peeve for many dump truck drivers. Tailgating is not only annoying and rude, but it is also incredibly dangerous. At any time, that truck could need to stop very quickly. If you are following too closely behind, you are going to end up in a major accident that could have deadly results.

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6 October 2017

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