Need Medical Transportation While In A Wheelchair? Here's What To Look For When Choosing A Service Provider


Whether you're in a wheelchair temporarily or you'll be living in one for the rest of your life, it can be tough to get rides to places like doctor appointments. Your friends' and families' vehicles likely can't accommodate you while you're sitting in your wheelchair, so the process of getting to and from your medical appointments can be inconvenient.

And scheduling appointments for when a ride is available can prove to be stressful as time goes on. Hiring a medical transportation service is an effective way to ensure a ride to and from your appointments while keeping your stress levels low and avoiding inconvenience. Here's what to look for when choosing a medical transportation provider.

Minimal Detour Routes

Just because you're not driving yourself to your medical appointments doesn't mean that you should have to spend a lot of extra time traveling due to taking detours in order to pick other people up along the way. The medical transportation company you hire to get you to and from your appointments should plan their routes to ensure minimal detours to your destination. Make sure no more than one or two other people will be picked up or dropped off while you're on the road so you don't have to waste your valuable time on medical appointment days.

Personal Storage Space

You should be able to bring along a personal bag or shopping bag when traveling to and from your doctor appointments, but you'll need enough storage space on board so you don't have to keep your stuff on your lap. When choosing a medical transportation company to service you, take the time to find out what types of vehicles they use and how much storage space will be available for your own personal use. Take a tour of the vehicle you'll be riding in before hiring a prospective company so you can see first hand how much storage space you'll have and ensure it will meet your needs as time goes on.

Room for a Companion

There might come a time when your spouse or another family member needs to accompany you to the doctor's office for some reason, so it's a good idea to make sure ahead of time that you'll be able to schedule a ride for you and your companion when the need arises. You should be able to simply let the company know when you'll need two seats on the vehicle so they can make sure that the accommodations are available when the time comes.

Last-Minute Scheduling Options

If an emergency arises and you need a last-minute ride to the doctor's office, your transportation company should be able and willing to schedule a ride for you even if you request said ride on the same day that you need it. Ask the medical transportation company you consider hiring to provide you with a written outline of their scheduling processes. Find out if any additional fees are associated with requesting last-minute rides. And make sure that you won't have to spend extra time in the vehicle transporting others who don't live in your neighborhood just because you've requested a last-minute ride.


20 April 2018

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