Are You Taking Your Daughter On Her First Date?


Did you and your wife decide a long time ago that your little girl wouldn't date until she was a certain age, say fifteen or sixteen? If so, you probably also made the rule that there would be only double dating or group dating. There's just something about protecting your daughter that makes you think of every single detail in keeping her safe, isn't there? If your daughter has reached the magic dating age, the emotional aspect of her even being old enough to date might even be dominating your life right now. Perhaps you have decided that you want to be her very first date as a sort of practice and ceremonial day. If that's the case, from sending her a special invitation to arranging for limousine transportation, here are some ideas that might help.

Send A Special Invitation - Of course, you could simply ask your daughter face to face to go on a date with you. And, you could make the invitation on bended knee to make it even more memorable. However, consider sending your daughter a special invitation in the mail. Or, have it on a pretty tray waiting for her when she is going to bed. For example, buy a  greeting card with a beautiful baby on the front of the card but with a blank inside to the card. You could include a message like, You will always be my special baby and I want to take you on a very special date.

Or, you could even design your own invitation. For example, you could do a simple sketch of a man wearing a gold crown. On the blank inside of the card, you could write something like Your daddy will feel like a king if you will go on your first date with him.

Arrange For Limousine Transportation - Obviously, you could just drive your own car when you take your daughter on her first date. But, think of making your daughter's first date an especially memorable one by arranging for a limousine to pick you ahead of time. Think of asking the limousine service clerk to put your daughter's favorite treat, maybe a box of chocolate-covered almonds, along with non-alcoholic champagne in the back seat. Whether you are taking your daughter out to dinner and then to a movie, or whether you are taking her for pizza and bowling, the limousine driver will be happy to deliver you there in a professional and pleasant manner, always opening the door for you and your beautiful little girl. Limousine service is probably a lot more affordable than you thought it would be ask around for different prices at companies like

Remember to give the limousine driver a generous tip. After all, he or she just provided a very memorable time for you and your daughter.


14 March 2019

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