Planning Out A Charter Bus School Trip


Anyone that has gone through grade school probably has some fond memories from a favorite field trip. Out of town trips likely conjure some of the best memories, especially if you traveled for chorus, marching band, or other activities. If you are a faculty or staff member at a school and want to make sure you pass these sorts of memories on to your students, there are a number of details that you need to arrange. Perhaps most important among them is the transportation situation. 

If you want the students, teachers and chaperones to travel safely and comfortably, a school bus charter can be one of the best decisions. These buses are spacious and comfortable, and can be used for any bus trip you are taking. Consider these tips when planning out your trip. 

Find the best school bus charter service for the trip

When you're excited about a trip, you'll want to make sure every detail is handled as you plan. Once you know what city you are traveling to, you'll need to immediately start looking into the charter bus service that you will want to do business with. They can give you an estimate for the bus rental based on the number of miles you are traveling round trip. Booking a charter bus can cost you between about $125 per hour and $180 per hour or between about $4 per mile and $5.50 per mile.

It's important that you find exactly what model of bus you'll be taking for the trip as well, so that you are able to research its safety, comfort and amenities. Once you do your research in this regard, you can take the estimate to your higher ups to make sure that there is enough money in the budget for the trip that you are planning out. 

Make sure you get an accurate head count and staff the right amount of people for a successful trip

You should also take the time to get a head count of everyone involved to be sure that you are getting the right number of buses for your trip. Talk to the charter bus company to see what kind of guarantees you can get in case the bus breaks down on the way. You will also need to solicit the help of plenty of staff members that can tag along to make sure the trip goes off without a hitch. 

Consider these tips toget the help that you need for any trip you are planning. To learn more, contact companies like


11 June 2019

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