Are You in Charge of Planning Your High School's Senior Trip for 2021?


If you are in charge of planning your high school's senior trip for next year, you're wise to start the planning now. There will be many details to consider, including your mode of transportation. Some companies, like Harmon Brothers Inc, know that you might want to consider arranging for charter bus transportation.That will more than likely be the safest and the least expensive way for you and the others who will be traveling to get to your destination. When you choose a reputable charter bus company, you can have the peace of mind that the transportation consultant will be knowledgeable regarding travel regulations. In addition, the drivers will be licensed bus drivers. Their driving record will be excellent.

When you talk to an agent at the charter company, they will want a very close estimate of how many students will be on your senior trip. The largest buses will accommodate around fifty passengers. Besides the adults that will be traveling with the students, there could be additional chaperones. If so, you might also want to charter smaller mini buses for them. You will be amazed at how much room charter buses have. These buses will be impeccably cleaned and disinfected. The seats will be comfortable enough for people to have a nap or even to sleep overnight. In fact, the buses you rent might even have reclining seats. The air conditioning system will be such that one row of seats might select one temperature while another row of seats can choose a different temperature. There will also be wheelchair accessibility. And, of course, each person will have their own seatbelt. There should be a small bathroom at the rear of the bus. Huge picture windows will allow all of you to see the sights. Each seat has its own TV monitor, DVD player accessibility, WiFi, and outlets for charging electronic devices. Plus, there will be an overhead light for each seat. When you talk to the agent regarding the rental of charter buses, find out what the plan is case there is an accident or another emergency. 

The charter bus transportation company will probably expect a sizable deposit. Consider having a meeting at the very beginning of the school year. At the meeting you can go over details about the trip. At the meting, inform parents that each student who is planning to go on the senior trip will be expected to pay a portion of their ticket by a certain date. You can use that money for the deposit.


9 July 2020

Discussing Public Transportation Options

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