3 Ways Telematic Control Units Benefit Your Truck Drivers


Companies often focus on the business advantages of installing telematic control units in their trucks. These solutions help increase productivity and efficiency, after all.

However, your truck drivers also benefit if you put these controls in your fleet. How?

1. Develop Safer Driving Habits

Even your most reliable and most experienced drivers might take their eye off the ball when it comes to their own driving skills. They may be a little too confident in their own skills and abilities because they don't have at-fault incidents or accidents.

However, this doesn't mean that they don't make mistakes; they may not drive as safely as they should. Telematic units monitor how a driver drives.

For example, a system can log information on individual drivers like seatbelt use, speeding, and hard braking. If a driver isn't doing the right things, they get hard evidence that they may not be concentrating on safe driving as much as they should.

So, a good driver will up their game at this point. This will work on their bad habits and will stay safer on the job.

2. Make Driving Jobs Easier

In an ideal world, your drivers want access to regular jobs that they can complete quickly and efficiently. In the real world, your crew may get frustrated by issues like job allocation and complex route planning.

Telematic control systems can make things run more smoothly. For example, you can simplify your job allocation process. If you automate allocation, your system can plan jobs geographically. Your drivers could complete more jobs in a shorter timescale.

They'll also get access to useful route planning tools. As well as GPS maps, you can add useful additional features like real-time road updates and information.

3. Make Your Trucks Safer

Even if you commit to regular maintenance and servicing, there will be times when your trucks develop problems or break down. In the worst case scenario, this happens when a driver is on the road. They could have a nasty accident.

You can set up some telematic control systems to monitor truck performance. For example, a unit may notify you when a truck needs a service or when it is developing a problem.

If you keep on top of general maintenance, then your drivers won't have frustrating delays if their vehicles break down. They'll feel more confident that their vehicles are safe to drive if they know that you have monitoring in place. You'll have fewer accidents.

To find out more about telematic control units and their benefits, contact fleet management software suppliers.


22 September 2020

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