4 Hurdles With Shipping Heavy Haul Loads


If you have a large and wide shipment you need to get across the country with, then you have a heavy haul load that will need to be dealt with. A heavy haul load often includes large equipment that needs to be transported to somewhere new. With a heavy haul load, you are going to need to get overweight and oversize permits. With this type of shipment, it is best to prepare for the unexpected.

Multiple Permits

The first hurdle you will have to address is getting all the right permits for your load. Unfortunately, in the United States, there are very few national standards when it comes to permits for oversize loads. Instead, you have to deal with permits on the state and sometimes the county level. Shipping a loan between even just two states may require multiple permits, which doesn't say anything about longer shipments.

With all the permits required, you will need to take some time to get the right permits for each state, county, municipal, or providence your truck is going to pass through with the load. Some governing bodies may have very streamlined and quick approval processes for permits and others may take multiple weeks to issue one, which is why advanced planning with this type of load is essential.

Support Vehicle

With the multiple permits, some areas that you drive through may require the use of a support vehicle. For example, they may require a pilot car that runs in front of the load or a chase car that follows it up. Or you may need to bring in a bucket truck to move overhead cables that your shipment could damage along your intended route.

You will have to hire and coordinate all of the support vehicles necessary for your route. This requires extra planning and money.

Construction Zones

You are going to want to find out about any construction that you could encounter during your trip. If there are construction zones, you need to figure out if you can go through them or if you are going to need to go around them. This can impact your transit time and result in additional costs for the shipment of your heavy load.


Finally, the weather can always cause delays with your shipment, depending on where you are going and what time of year you are making your shipment. Always be prepared for weather delays.

With a heavy haul load, you need to prepare weeks in advance to get all the oversized and overweight permits that you need. You will also need to coordinate for support vehicles, account for construction zones, and deal with potential weather delays.


24 June 2021

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