Reasons Why Companies May Want To Switch To Intermodal Drayage Transportation


Sometimes it's not always beneficial to rely on a single type of transportation. It may be better to instead rely on intermodal drayage transportation, which is unique in that it supports multiple types of transportation. Here are some things it can provide to your company. 

Improve Overall Shipping Efficiency

One of the primary reasons why companies today use intermodal drayage shipping is because of the added shipping efficiency it provides. Rather than using one mode of shipping, multiple options can be used, depending on what makes the most sense for the target destination.

For instance, it may be better from an efficiency standpoint to use railroad and cargo truck shipping because then more direct paths can be taken. Ultimately, enhancing shipping efficiency is going to save your company money and also improve relations with those waiting on your products to arrive at the target endpoints. 

Shorter Trips are Possible for Truck Drivers

You may have a lot of talented truck drivers in your company's shipping rotation, but when you put too many demands on them from a distance standpoint, their output can take a hit. Fortunately, with intermodal drayage shipping, truck drivers involved have the chance to take shorter routes.

That's because different transportation types can be used besides strictly truck transportation. Your company will benefit because your truck drivers will be able to stay more energized throughout their shorter hauls, which improves response times during emergency situations. You won't be left feeling bad because each truck driver will be capable of more since longer drives aren't always a requirement.

Easy to Pivot When Shipping Issues Develop

Even if you have concrete plans for how shipping cargo will go, a bunch of unforeseen complications could still surface. That's not ideal if the one mode of transportation you selected and planned for is negatively impacted by an emergency event. 

Conversely, intermodal drayage transportation gives you the ability to adapt depending on the shipping complications that come up. For instance, if roads are closed on a major highway, you can pivot to railroad shipping and still get cargo to the target destination on time.

If you have the ability to switch to intermodal drayage shipping for your company's cargo, you may want to make this commitment because it's highly dynamic thanks to the multiple modes of transportation that can be utilized. As long as you set these shipping operations up for success and manage them correctly moving forward, this type of shipping will remain a valuable asset. 

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10 February 2022

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