Benefits Of A Gooseneck Livestock Trailer


One of the first things that you'll need to decide when you begin to shop for a livestock trailer is how the trailer will attach to your truck. There are typically two options that you'll encounter. One option is called a bumper pull trailer, which attaches to a hitch behind the vehicle. Another is called a gooseneck trailer, which attaches to a mounting bracket in the bed of your truck. There are advantages to each design, but a lot of livestock owners favor the gooseneck trailer design. Here are some benefits that you'll get with a gooseneck trailer.

Tighter Turning Radius

You'll be able to make sharper turns with a gooseneck livestock trailer than with a bumper pull trailer of the same length. This can be desirable for anyone, but it can especially be a handy feature for someone who is buying their first livestock trailer. The tighter you're able to turn, the more confident you'll feel while pulling the trailer. In a town, you'll find that it's easier to make your way around the streets. In a farm setting, it will be easier to navigate tight spaces between buildings and various obstacles.

Less Sway

Because a gooseneck trailer positions the trailer closer to your vehicle than a bumper pull trailer, it tends to sway less when you're driving in windy conditions. When you're pulling a trailer, few things can be more unsettling than feeling the trailer begin to sway. This can potentially cause you to lose control of your truck if you don't manage the situation skilfully. This type of swaying is less likely to happen with a gooseneck trailer, allowing you to pull the trailer more confidently and safely in a windy environment.

Less Tempting To Thieves

Trailers are a significant investment that you do not want anyone to steal. While it's a good idea to learn various strategies that can make it difficult for someone to steal your livestock trailer, even while empty, the gooseneck design can be useful as an anti-theft feature. This is because most trucks aren't equipped with the mounting bracket needed to haul a gooseneck trailer. Conversely, virtually every truck has a standard hitch that allows it to pull a bumper pull trailer. If you accidentally leave your trailer in an area where a thief could access it, you'll appreciate how the gooseneck design makes it less likely to be stolen. Contact a dealer for more information about livestock trailers.


21 March 2023

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